It's a MNDST.

We believe that with the right mindset, you can achieve any goal in life. So let's talk about the different "types of hustlers", interesting characters in the world making a living while not sticking to 9 to 5 jobs.

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Saturday Jan 30, 2021

What did it mean for Vera to start photography? In this podcast episode you'll find out. You'll know how it helps to step out of your comfort zone and start something that might initially not be that easy, seek discomfort. Listen to her current journey as she goes into MKT using her photography skills as a medium and current work. More about her @vera.wilders

Saturday Jan 09, 2021

Do you know what it means to unlock your true potential, well in this podcast you can find out. You'll learn more about manifesting your goals and believing in yourself. Similar to mindset Dshamilja and I talk about spirituality and what clients she has while being a manifestation coach. Find her IG @Dshamiljasturm  

Sunday Oct 11, 2020

The world of an actor is an interesting one, how do they start and make a career when it's so competitive? In this podcast, we'll be discussing acting and what Flavio Parenti, an Italian actor, also does apart from acting. His story is multi-faceted which makes this episode an interesting one.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2020

Today we'll be discovering what it means to be a digital nomad. What it means to travel the world and still be able to work from where ever you are in the world. The tables have turned and we are moving more towards "smart working" as the Italians call it. To get in touch with Flaminia, reach out to her via IG @Thrivecuriously

Sunday Aug 02, 2020

A quick tour into the world of later evenings with Satya. She has an interesting background and you'll get to know a bit more in this podcast. Currently living in Berlin, you can find her via her Instagram.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

A quick view of Grant James Bates (@grantjbates) world. Listen to his journey to become a successful advisor to HNWIs and how Instagram helps him achieve this. 

Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

A podcast briefly explaining what MNDST is, what it means, and where we are going. Get a glimpse. 

Saturday Jul 11, 2020

Ein sehr nettes gespräch mit Nici (@mari.linni). Heute geht es um Vegan sein, was es für sie bedeutet und die relevanz von ihrem IG account. 

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